wallflower ( editorial by Sara Constance & Steffen Christensen)

25 January, 2015


Hello 2015 ! Hello new me ! This month, in about 2 days, my blog is turning 3 years old ! As a new year unfolds, alongside new adventures ( those of you following me on Instagram know that I am about to start an exciting internship at www.fashionchick.co.uk in Amsterdam for 6 months), my career plans and artistic visions also take new makeovers. 

I have finally decided to publish an editorial I shot more than half a year ago in Denmark with one dear old friend and talented photographer, Steffen Christensen . This is only the first one from the editorial trilogy that I am going to publish so stay tuned for 2 more. 

These pictures bring me lots of good memories, and I was a very lucky girl to be able to work with such talented and warm hearted people ! Louise, the model is the sweetest girl and I am sure we are going to hear more about her in the future as she's only at the start of her career ! I must say she really rocked my handmade fringed top ! 

Also, huge thanks to Ann Borghelt, the makeup artist for showcasing so perfectly Louise's natural beauty ! 

Lastly, thank you Jydepotten, one of my favourite store in Herning, Denmark, and long time collaborator, for providing us with such cool pieces !! 

The styling also features some personal pieces from my own wardrobe ( handmade necklace + top) but also my dear earrings from ALYA  (check out their website form some to-die-for jewelry ) 

P.S. I am afraid you won't see that many outfit photos of myself anymore. I have decided to focus more on my dreams this year and showcase my work as a stylist and graphic designer. I am also planning a whole new rebranding of my blog, so stay tuned !! Good things are coming ! 


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