Amsterdam x Fashionchick Instadiary : New Adventure

25 February, 2015

AMSTERDAM UPDATE. So it seems like I am moving countries more often than I post on my blog. Those of you not following my Instagram might not know this, but I have started a new internship at whose headquarters are located at Sanoma Media in the Netherlands. Which is why at thebeginning of February I moved to Amsterdam where I am going to live throughout my internship, for 6 months.

And boy could I have chosen a better destination?! Maybe a warmer one, yes, but definitely not a more charming one! There's really no other nation like the Dutch when it comes to carefree, modern and active lifestyle. Maybe only the Danish can top them, but I still love Amsterdam the most out of all the cities I've lived in so far.

Since I've officially started my full time job here, I've literally been spending 80% of the time during week days outside the house and 100% during weekends as I have been exploring the city unceasingly.

I am living a super fast paced life and I couldn't love it more!

There's been a lot going on since I got here..I am now an official Dutch resident after finally getting my BSN (city council registration number) and I've been an even happier lady this past Valentine's Day when my boyfriend came to visit for over a week.

Always sad to part ways but I know it won't be long til he's back. He instantly fell in love with this city! And who wouldn't really.

So I've put together a quick visual diary with all the snaps I've taken with my I-phone since my arrival.

I can't promise I will get back to proper blogging (because of serious lack of time) but I will get back with a new post, wrapping up all my February articles written for Fashionchick UK so stay tuned.


L: A little breeze can't hurt me during lunch break at work.
R: Cozy corners around the Sanoma building where I work.

Stedelijk Museum is my favourite art place in Amsterdam so far.(and Foam)

L:Friday drinks after work are a thing here and it feels like the movies!
R: My fellow intern at Fashionchick UK, Abbey and me together with our lovely #girlbosses !

L: Friday drinks became Thursday drinks last week.
R: Me using every inch of the fashionable space at the office.

L: Feeling the breeze part 2.
R: Our pretty gorgeous Sanoma building rising proud every morning.

Aaaand someone needs to close my mouth. Too much goodness inside this building. Still can't believe I am working here.


P.S. Are you living in Amsterdam yourself? Give me a shout on Twitter ( @Saracst ) or with an Instagram Direct ( @sara_constance) so we can meet up!

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