Green Fields

06 May, 2015

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS. As much as I love travelling, my heart keeps calling me back to the countryside in Romania. The place where I grew up most of my childhood, the place that makes me feel happy & free & loved. 

These are a few photos I took during my visit to Romania in April. It took me a while to publish them because of the super busy schedule that waited for me here in Amsterdam but here they are finally. 

Three more months before going back to these green fields for a little while and then back to reality in Scotland. As long as I have love waiting for me somewhere, that's where my home is. 

P.S. You should all visit Romania during summer! For any sight-seeing tips, give me shout and I am here to help!   


ASOS shorts & loafers 

vintage lace top

ALYA earrings


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