Day Birger et Mikkelsen - Amsterdum Rum Diaries Part 3

27 June, 2015

The 3rd and last part of my collaboration with Rum Amsterdam is here and I am more excited than ever about this set of shots. I decided to go for COLOUR this time and keep it minimal yet feminine in a complete Day Birger et Mikkelsen ensemble (except for the shoes). My main goal was to showcase that you can wear a super elegant dress with flat sandals and make it totally day-time wearable. Hope I managed to convince you!

Another thing I love most about these shots is that I got to really express myself in each shot and the movement was perfectly captured. Yep, I am a crazy little monkey when I shoot and I can't stand still. I really think blogging should be less editorial-aspirational and more genuine, more lively and street-style. This is what we are trying to do here right? Showcase some beautiful clothes on the streets and capture their true essence. I believe in smiley poses, in jumping poses and in imperfect ones. Blogging is not editorial shooting in my opinion. So until I get to collaborate with Vogue on a cover shoot, I couldn't care less that my under-eye circles are more visible than ever ( and even double ) because I am human and I admit I haven't slept much throughout the past few days.

Back to my outfit now- the beautiful dress and clutch are two new Danish-signed-sealed-delivered to RUM Amsterdam - pieces- that I am super lucky to wear. Day Birger et Mikkelsen is a seriously covetable and modern brand that you must check immediately!

I am grateful to RUM for giving me the chance to go crazy in such beautiful clothes for the past 3 weeks, I am grateful to Amsterdam as well for being so blogging-friendly with its photogenic sceneries and vivid streets and canals. Oh how much I will miss this city..Today officially marks the 1 month countdown to my departure from this incredible city. A city that becomes even more fascinating when the sun comes up, which has been the case today. 

I hope you've booked your flights already for this summer to come here and explore this picture-perfect capital. While here, do make sure to pay RUM Amsterdam a visit. You will surely find the best sartorial memories in here!

P.S. Thank you Alexandra Blanco, my crazy, beautiful and funny Brazilian photographer for capturing the essence of my personality in these shots! 


Day Birger et Mikkelsen dress & bag
Anna Field ( from Zalando) sandals


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