5 Affordable Ways To Dress Like A Fashion Editor

30 July, 2015

In the midst of the blogger-wave we all want to copy every single outfit popping into our Instagram feed from these digital-fashion-millennial-heralds. While there are some of us religiously following every fashion blogger’s advice, others are searching for a more mature & put-together sartorial inspiration

And there are no better muses for that than the top 5 editors I have chosen as examples for today’s article. Learn how to look as chic and powerful as they do with 5 easy affordable outfits. Add a pair of sunglasses and you are guaranteed to be offered a front-row seat without even showing your invitation!

1. The Cool Feminist

Christene Barberich, Editor-in-Chief at Refinery29, shows us how to give a masculine & cool twist to an otherwise feminine outfit. Think calf-length body-con dresses ( such as this super versatile one from…) paired with a tailored oversized blazer for a subtle power statement. Embracing your femininity doesn’t mean stepping away from mannish tailoring. I believe a curve-hugging dress should only be worn on its own for a night-time occasion, no matter your body shape. If you want to build up your style credibility and look sharp, an unexpectedly masculine jacket will take you a long way. Just ask Christine if you don’t believe me! 

2.The Modern #Girlboss 

Eva Chen, former editor-in-chief of Lucky magazine, currently Instagram’s Head of Fashion Partnerships, knows a thing or two about adding that extra factor to a casual & sporty ensemble. Ditch the skinny jeans for a fun & sexy leather skirt and the heels for a modern pair of slip-ons. There’s no wonder why fringes have become fashion’s favourite must-have at the moment. They can elevate your look in an instant, earning you some rave reviews and making every streetstyle photographer cheer your name at fashion week. You can also get this playful look for only … , while still saving some cash to invest in an extra luxe sweatshirt. After all, we all need more sweatshirts in our wardrobe!

Instagram: @evachen212
Steal her look: 1. Skirt River Island, 2. Slip-ons Superga , 3. Sweatshirt Freda

3. The Rebel Heart

Annie Georgia Greenberg -Senior Style Editor at Refinery 29. You might or might have not heard her name before, but one thing is certain. This girl has taken the fashion scene by storm with her utterly fun personality and equally fun sense of style. You too can showcase your rebel side by pairing a metallic skirt such as this one from Topshop, with a classic, inconspicuous blazer ( but nevertheless stylish) and an even more conservative pair of brogues. Have no fear though, there is nothing basic about this look. Add some ankle white socks to the look just like Annie did, and you’re ready to make the ultimate breakthrough in the fashion world.  

Instagram: @theagg

4. The Mystery Woman

Christine Centenera - fashion director vogue Australia. Leave it to this woman to heat things up, big time, on the fashion scene. Take a lesson in power-yet-sexy dressing for the unmistakeable lady in black. A sheer polka-dot blouse worn over lace lingerie is the ultimate seduction weapon, while adding a pencil skirt, going down way beyond the calf-length, will help you maintain your boss-lady status. There’s a catch though- the skirt involves a zipper. Would you dare going this far with a daytime look?

Instagram: @centenera
Steal her look:  1. Shirt Numph , 2. Body H& M, 3. Skirt Ted Baker , 4. Shoes Office , 5. Sunglasses Office

5. The Funny Lady

Finally, my absolute favourite funny lady  in fashionLaura Brown - Executive Director Harper’s Bazaar, can never go wrong with her style choices in my opinion. Learn how not to take yourself too seriously by going for the boldest of them colours – red. Usually associated with night-time dressing, feminism and passion, red takes here a totally tongue-in-cheek effect, being depicted on a masculine pant-suit. A daring, fun and powerful way of getting your foot in the (fashion) door as a fearless, witty and creative style amazon ( just like Laura is ).  Steal her look for just..

So there you have it, 5 simple ways to interpret the flawless style of 5 powerful, smart and funny women in the fashion industry, without going over your budget. I hope you liked this article which I wanted to make as helpful as possible for your style inspiration. Let me know which look is your favourite and feel free to Tweet me, send me a Direct Instagram or a personal Facebook message anytime. I am also on Snapchat btw (sara.constance) :) 


  1. Great post! I'm not sure I would wear it for day time, but I do LOVE the Mystery Woman look on Christine Centenera!

    www.rockonholly.com - Fashion & Style Guide xx

    1. Thank you for your comment, Holly! It means a lot. I love Christine's style as well.

      best wishes

  2. This is really superb. I just love #5. Because red is always my favourite specially I like this designer women clutch purse. Thanks for the post.

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