6 Tips On How To Wear Palazzo Trousers With Style

07 August, 2015

Whether it’s culottes, flared, or in this case, palazzo, it’s always difficult to style any other type of trousers than the skinny one. The shape, the length, the colour – all of these elements make up quite a challenge for the regular fashionista to get the look right. I myself struggled with stepping out of my skinny jeans-comfort-zone, but I finally ventured into the haute crowd of fashion risk-takers. 

Today I will share with you 6 tips to fearlessly wear the almost impossible-to-get-right, palazzo pants:

1.                   For my first ever trial at wearing this style of trousers, I knew I had to stick to a classic pattern. Stripes are extremely in this season, and they will probably never go out of style.
2.                   Another timeless element? Black & white.
3.                   The next trick is of course a plain crop top. Because the cut of the pants was so high above the waist, I knew I had to balance the proportions with a crop top. This also gives the illusion of a thinner and taller silhouette.
4.                   Surprisingly enough for me, the length of these trousers suits both flats or heels but to add up even more cm , I went for my classic kitten pointed heels from Massimo Dutti.
5.                   In terms of accessories I went for my favourite go-to earrings from Romanian brand ALYA, that always manages to elevate any plain look in an instant. I also added an elegant thin belt to water down the casualness and "holiday vibe" of this type of trousers.  
6.                   The last touch was the always versatile denim jacket, which helps keep things casual and wearable during daytime.

I felt super fearless wearing this look although it was so new to me. This proves that stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while can actually boost your confidence. On a side note, it can also trigger some less positive events. Read all about this below.

You have seen the “picture-perfect” side of wearing this item, but it’s now time for the real deal. Many of you might not know that blog outfits are not always the exact ones that you wear on the street prior to arriving at the shooting location. Although this contradicts the genuine nature of blogging which implies showcasing wearable street style looks, practicality comes first so heels usually go in a spare bag before the shooting. 

Moreover, blogging can also bring random unfortunate mishaps, be it due to weather conditions, bad hair days, too many people on the street or simply bad luck. 

This is exactly what I went through before taking these pictures. At a first look you might not notice it but these pants have gone through a serious safety-pin operation. Yes, you can rip your harem pants with your bedazzled shoes while simply walking on the street and fighting a reckless wind. Luckily this happened right after stepping outside my house which left me enough time to get back and switch shoes.

This is one of those cases that teaches you to always be prepared with either a spare pair of shoes or a safety pin whenever planning a shooting. Another lesson? Palazzo pants, bedazzled shoes and wind are the worst combo ever. Can you spot the "crack" now ? 

Finally, all's well that ends well, and this adventure allowed me to share with you a super practical lesson in fashion blogging which I am very grateful for and happy to share with you. Now follow my safe, easy and effective formula for making palazzo pants look stylish and sophisticated. Feel free to share your ideas with me as well. I am sure there are many more ways to style this palazzo trousers. What item are you most afraid of trying out?

I was wearing:

trousers ZARA (similar here)
V-neck crop top TOPSHOP (similar here)
shoes Massimo Dutti ( similar here
vintage jacket Miss Sixty ( similar here )
earrings ALYA

Thank you Charlotte, my dear friend from Amsterdam for taking these photos. I am currently in Romania until September, but I will forever miss the fashion-friendly streets in that stylish city. 


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