A Fresh & Fun Take On Double Denim

23 August, 2015

Double-denim has been the talk of the town for many seasons already and it doesn't show any sign of going away soon. Personally, I always like to put my own twist on popular trends in order to avoid blending in with the crowd. This is why I have prepared for you this special article to showcase my own fresh & fun take on double denim

What's my advice? Forget the jeans & denim shirt combo and go for a more unconventional pairing: the flared 70s style jeans & a denim dress

I have been keeping this dress in my closet for many years now but I simply couldn't wear it because I always found it too short. Once I bought these jeans, I knew they were the perfect match to my dress. I really love the light and comfortable feel of the fabrics. No matter how high the temperatures might go, denim will always be your "cool" friend.

Are you a fan of this trend? Let me know if you would ever try the experiment I went for and remember to always be creative!

I was wearing:

ZARA dress & jeans
ZALANDO sandals
MELI MELO PARIS sunglasses




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