5 Ways To Experience Vienna At Its Best In Only 24 Hours

10 September, 2015

Vienna is another destination I had the chance to discover during my road trip from Amsterdam to Romania. It is an exquisite capital with so many architectural gems and such a posh atmosphere, not to mention the limitless shopping possibilities. 

Unfortunately, our stay there was rather short and therefore we aimed to explore every possible cultural sight of the city instead of spending too much time shopping or visiting museums. Here are my top 5 ways to experience Vienna at its best in only 24 hours. 

1. Start your day with a walk through Mariahilfer Straße, an almost endless and vibrant street filled with restaurants and shops.

2. Continue your journey towards Museum Quartier and experience a little bit of art.

3. Take a tour around The Ring or the 1st District which houses most of Vienna's impressive buildings including the Opera House, Hofburg Palace, the Parliament and the City Hall.  

4. Visit the Schönbrunn Palace !!! Although my mother was disappointed that she couldn’t get into the palace, I was quite happy we made it there rather late in the evening. The gardens surrounding the palace are simply breathtaking and climbing up the hill at sunset will give you a spectacular view over the city. The biggest plus was the lack of tourists and therefore a huge space left to ourselves for taking as many photos as we wanted. Nonetheless, I would still go back to Vienna one more time to see the castle on the inside. 

5. Finish the day with a nice dinner at one of the restaurants by the Danube river. The atmosphere is truly romantic and bohemian. Plus the food is delicious! 

So this has been my short visit to Vienna. If you have the chance to spend more days in this beautiful city there are plenty more things to discover. You can read one of my favourite articles on this topic HERE.

Hope you enjoyed my short guide and let me know if you have more "insider" tips about Vienna. ( Insta-Direct @sara_constance ) . I have to start packing now for my most extreme trip yet - Dubai ! It's going to be an epic ending to my summer ! 

I was wearing:

Dorothy Perkins dress ( similar here )
Zalando bedazzled sliders ( similar here )


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