16 October, 2015

Hey girls! Spoiler alert: LONG post ahead.

 I have been thinking a lot lately about self confidence. Is this blog really about my clothes or about who I really am? Do I love who I really am? And the answer is YES. It wasn't always like this though. But the journey I've gone through to get here has taught me a thing or two about this topic, which is what I am going to talk to you about today. 

Here is a list of "physical" things that could lower my self-confidence:

-   I have an uneven, protuberant nose. (Which I got in my childhood after hitting myself while dancing with my closet's door. Yes, that was probably a sign I needed to give up pursuing a dancing career and get into fashion instead) My nose is not the ideal beauty goal, nor will you ever see it portrayed in any fashion editorials. But it is a part of who I am and it makes me DIFFERENT. I learned to deal with it, giving up any surgery plans and that made me a winner. I have never suffered from having this nose (apart from the constant sinuses pain I get in winter time), I have never even been bullied because of it and most importantly, I have never had an unsuccessful date because of it. Yes, there are boys who search for the perfect superficial beauty. But those are not worth my time. 

-  I have small baby teeth with significant gaps.  Yep, this has been another "flaw" I have tried to fix throughout my teenage years, when I used to wear braces. However, I do not regret doing that, as that process genuinely prevented me from getting medical dental conditions in the future. What it did not solve though, were the large gaps I have between my teeth. Nonetheless, this has never stopped me from showing off a wide smile on my face, not only in front of the lens, but in any live interactions. I believe your smile is the most valuable gift you can offer to the world, which is why I encourage everyone to smile more often. Not everyone has perfect Colgate teeth, which is just fine. As long as you regularly go to the dentist, making sure your teeth are HEALTHY, their actual appearance can never be ugly. I accepted my teeth the way they are and now I believe I am the most beautiful when I smile. Just be REAL!

-  I have muscular legs.  Growing up, I have always been a tomboy. Later on, I discovered fashion and started experimenting more with my femininity in terms of clothing. What I did keep from my inner tomboy, was my deep passion for sports. I just love keeping myself active, always finding a way to move more. If I don't have time for running, skipping, yoga or my usual strength training, I just take the stairs and power-walk for super long distances.  I also make sure, no matter how tired I am each evening, to always hold a hand-stand before going to bed. This helps my blood circulation and relaxes my brain which ultimately makes me sleep like a baby every night.  Back to the point now- my body is built to be more athletic than feminine and that is OK. I love my legs the way they are, because they are strong and they allow me to walk faster than everyone else. They make me step with confidence and fearlessness, because I know I can rely on them. I also find them quite sexy to be honest, so I try to reveal them more and more lately. This is what actually makes me feel feminine- being confident. 

These were three of the main issues I could have with my body. However, that is not the case. I admit I did have a hard time accepting my body the way it was made, which a few years ago led me to losing an extreme amount of weight. The only good thing I took from that experience was that I can achieve everything I set my mind on. Luckily I moved past that and I now found my physical balance. Mental balance is another story. That is still affected by a consistent amount of stress but I am working on it. 
Your physical image is just a small part of what should make you confident. I know I will never achieve a perfect body/beauty image, unless I become artificial which is not on my "to do" list.
Instead, I know I can always strive to perfect my personality, my empathy, my BRAIN, my emotional intelligence. These are the most important aspects that build genuine, sustainable self confidence. So despite those 3 physical "flaws" I previously mentioned, I am still confident! Why?

-  Because I have ambition. And a lot. I want to achieve goals and I go for them, fearlessly.

-  Because I can speak in public. I can support my ideas with arguments and persuasion.

-  Because I am genuine. I smile and I speak my mind out. I love offering kindness to the people around me and I also love to kill with kindness those who treat me wrong.

There is so much more to say about self confidence. I could talk on and on about this. Sometimes I even think I should have been a therapist. Oh well, I will stick to my current career path though. 

What are your thoughts on this issue, girls? What are you most self-conscious about? Make sure you don't let any physical feature interfere with your confidence! 

P.S. I have to thank my most recent and dear friend here in Aberdeen, Liana for her incredible photography skills that made these images possible. I truly feel they show the most real version of myself and I am super proud of that. Make sure you check out Liana's website and book her now! 

I was wearing:

ZARA crop jumper ( similar here
Massimo Dutti shoes ( similar here )
Dorothy Perkins necklace ( even better here )


Photos by Liana Mitrea

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