11 October, 2015

As you might have noticed already from my Instagram , I am back in Aberdeen, the "granite city", which will be my home again for the next few months until I graduate. I must say, getting used to living here again has been quite a challenge, after spending half of this year in Amsterdam and then 2 carefree sunny months on holiday in Romania, Copenhagen and well...Dubai.

However, summer is gone, and I need to get back to reality. In the meantime though, there's no wrong in remembering my hot, exotic days in the unique and impressive Dubai! I finally managed to put together the pictures I have taken on my phone while exploring the city, with hopes to give you a sense of its magic.

Dubai is definitely a city of jaw-dropping sights and endless fun. In the heart of the desert, there lies a conglomerate of impressive sky-scrapers, smooth beaches and furious cars, which make up a cosmopolitan and fast-paced metropolis.

I might say Dubai is at the opposite pole from Aberdeen, but still, I can't see myself living there. While I was there, I really started to miss being able to walk on the streets, breathing fresh air and admiring the nature surrounding me. There I was, surrounded only by sky-high buildings and expensive rides, with only a few palm trees in sight. It was also almost impossible to walk more than 1 km without getting roasted in the unbearable heat, not to mention the fact that "crossing the street" actually meant crossing a highway, which wasn't very practical. There was still a good part about the infrastructure there, in the form of the metro, which connected most of the important city sights.

Nonetheless, looking at the pictures now, makes me realize how lucky I was to experience such an adventure. I am super grateful for having been able to visit this place, meet new people and gain some incredible memories. It was all thanks to my beloved cousin, whose blog I invite you all to discover. She is not only super hard-working but also mega talented, so go ahead and check out her photos

It is now time to leave behind my sunny, carefree summer days and get back to business in not-so-sunny, yet still charming, Aberdeen. 

Until next time, stay warm and cozy! 





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