An Experiment with Psychological and Physical Comfort - Part 2

17 December, 2015

I can finally reveal the 2nd part of my fashion experiment with the concept of both physical and psychological comfort. It took me ages to sit down and write this due to my hectic schedule for the past few weeks. I am currently writing from the coziness of my home in Romania but the craziness is not over yet. I’m just taking a little break before going back to my coursework, having 2 more deadlines due in January. I am excited about my projects but I can't say it’s going to be a relaxing Christmas...

Anyways, let’s talk about these photos, shall we? Another enjoyable experience thanks to the talented Liana Mitrea, that I can luckily call now, my friend. I told her I want to portray my most comfortable self for this shooting, and she surely managed to capture that. Huge thanks also to Topshop Aberdeen for sponsoring the entire outfit (except for the running shoes, which are mine)! (spoiler: the clothes were returned to the store afterwards; this has been the case with most of my older shootings where I promoted various stores/brands, especially in Amsterdam)

You might think I have wasted quite a good opportunity since I could have chosen any items from Topshop, but I couldn’t have worn more perfect items to portray my definition of physical comfort: a good pair of classic, high-waist jeans; a soft and breathable black turtle-neck; a top-quality leather jacket and a super warm scarf. Let’s not forget about the epitome of comfortable footwear aka my Nike Lunarglides 6 of course! 

The backpack could also be associated with comfort although it’s an accessory. I personally find it very practical and easy to wear on your back, which allows you to still move and do other things without having your hands busy. Don’t you just hate it when you go shopping for instance and it’s so annoying to hold multiple items of clothing in your hands because of your hand-bag? I sure do..

So there you have it. This is an outfit which I could turn into a daily uniform. I still don’t own a top quality leather jacket, but boy it was incredible wearing this Topshop piece. One day, one day..

The outfit allowed me to feel comfortable in my own body, it protected me from the cold and it allowed me to move freely. I also went for minimal makeup and natural messy hair. This is entirely me, as genuine as I could ever be, so no matter how boring you might find this shooting, I love it because it tells an honest story.

My first part of the experiment was still honest, but it didn't show an outfit that I could wear every single day. However it definitely reflected the psychological side of the concept of comfort. 

This is the end of this styling experiment. I hope you liked it and I hope it will make you think about what is it you actually look for in an outfit, and who is it that you want to portray. We all have different personas after all. 

Stay tuned for more candid posts and hopefully, more useful and creative content from me. 




  1. I was really looking forward to part 2 of the experiment! Good luck with the dissertation writing! 8)


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