4 years of blogging in 5 different countries - a brief history

30 January, 2016

Happy 4th anniversary to this little online platform I use for speaking out loud (and publicly) from time to time. 

SARACONSTANCE.COM has become an outlet for expressing my creativity either through writing, photography or graphic design, but also a witness of my student and young professional journey through 5 different countries ( excluding my other various leisure travels). 

2016 is a major year in my life, one that marks my graduation and official beginning of the real adult life, completely financially independent. A year that brings many questions to the table and strategies to construct in order to continue moving in the right direction. 

I am not planning on stopping any time soon, but I do want to find a new place again to call my (second/sixth) home (after Romania of course). In the meantime, I will take you through a quick recap of the past 4 years and 5 countries I have lived in, which have all been documented on my blog. 

It all started with a strong desire to study abroad after finishing high-school, and with the idea of opening this blog, even though I wasn't able to dedicate my full time and energy to it. 

I am not sure where my blog is going, nor where I will. What I am sure of is that I will never cease to create, smile and travel. Fashion has been a part of my life since I was little, but I am not afraid of change, of new experiences. I am ready for what's next because I know everything happens for a reason in our lives. That's a fact. 

So pressing rewind to 2012, here are some of my favourite style photos throughout the years and throughout the various countries I lived in. 

The only link I will post now is one to my 1st blog anniversary that means so much to me and I hope it will make you think. I truly believe in what I wrote there. Take a look HERE

Thank you all who take the time to read my blog and I hope I will inspire you to also create, smile and travel as much as possible. Make life a daily positive surprise!


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