The best 12 lessons I've learned in 2015

01 January, 2016


I love January 1st, not only because it marks the beginning of a new (hopefully better) year, but also because it's so quiet. The world is still recovering after a night of festivities and I love taking a walk when everyone is still sleeping. (which is exactly what I've done this morning) 

Although you must be fed up already with New Year's resolutions and #2015bestof posts, I couldn't ignore the amazing year I've had, without giving it a proper recognition. So to mark my very own 2015 recap, I've rounded up the best 12 lessons I've learned in 2015.

Let's get started!


January was a frosty and active one, half-spent with my family before going back to Scotland to prepare for my next adventure in February.

LESSON: Look at the world from a different perspective.


The month I started my 6 months internship at Fashionchick in the Netherlands. Living in Amsterdam for half a year as been the best experience of my life so far!

LESSON: Don't be scared of new beginnings! 


The end of february and beginning of March was all about this nude dress and my second time at Paris Fashion Week. A dream come true!

LESSON: Be humble yet confident!


I was lucky enough to make it back home to Romania for Easter and for my mom's birthday (43 and fabulous), in the middle of my internship. I reunited with my best friends from high-school, explored the Romanian mountains and then went back to Amsterdam to live the most lively and crazy celebration I've ever been a part of: King's Day.

LESSON: Your family, friends and homeland are the best sources of energy.

5. MAY

This month was all about connecting with people and sharing memories. I was so blessed to meet an amazing girl during my internship in Amsterdam, who quickly became my best friend there. All the memories shared with her and the other girls at Fashionchick have enriched my spirit.

LESSON: Go offline and live the real life! It will bring you so much more happiness.


June was a busy and fulfilling month: I was given the chance to take part in Amsterdam Startup Weekend as a volunteer, my cousin visited me all the way from Dubai, I ran my first 10k in Amsterdam and re-started my blog activity with amazing fashion collaborations.

LESSON: Give it a go and you might succeed. Otherwise, you'll be left with regrets.


This was my last month spent in Amsterdam. It brought me new friendships, responsibilities and surprises. I also welcomed my parents in the city at the end of the month, to head back to Romania on an epic road trip.

LESSON: You can achieve anything as long you have the right amount of motivation. 


A month full of travels (Prague, Vienna, Budapest) and relaxation. It marked the start of one of the most fun and carefree summers I've had in a long time. It also allowed me to reconnect with mother nature and my homeland. I am so grateful for these memories!!

LESSON: Don't take your family for granted. 


My summer continued in September with two more travels: Copenhagen and Dubai. I also discovered new places in Bucharest, Romania and witnessed my cousin's wedding, which marked the end of an amazing family summer.

LESSON: The world has so much to offer. Stay curious!


My return to Aberdeen, Scotland also marked the beginning of my final university year, which has also been the hardest one so far. Luckily, I started seeing Aberdeen with different eyes, after moving to a new part of the city. I met new people and lived way better experiences than when I first moved there last year.

LESSON: Stay positive and open to new beginnings. 


I took my first dance lesson in Aberdeen, which has been epic. See a short video here. I also got my first retail part time job at Kafka, a store I've been dreaming about ever since I moved to Aberdeen. I also created my first fashion experiment for one of the most interesting university projects I've ever done.( Part 1 and Part 2

LESSON: Nothing worth having comes easy. 


Here I go again by asking myself "When has this year gone by so quickly?" December welcomed me with spring-like weather upon my return to Romania for the holidays (although we are now back to the normal -10 degrees). I've had a really magical Christmas with my family, whom I am so blessed to be a part of. I rediscovered my home town and my best friend from high-school, whom I will never let go! Although I missed my 2 other friends and definitely more free time (at the moment I am caught in a hectic coursework schedule until January 11th) the end of 2015 perfectly summed up a year filled with love and adventures. I also spent New Year's Eve with my folks at home, which was definitely the most precious moment of this year.

LESSON: The best is yet to come! I will work even harder in 2016!

How was your 2015 ? What will you change in 2016? If there is one thing you should take out of all the 12 lessons I've mentioned, it should be to always spread love around, especially to your family! 


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  1. Interesting post. I just loved your blogs. Now I'll definitely make a note on what I have learned in 2015. Thanks for sharing. In January section I like your cute scarf and cute woollen cap.


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