DIY no-stress distressed straight jeans

15 March, 2016

Now try saying this post's title out loud. Talk about a tongue twister !

Let's stay on track though. Today's post showcases my beloved ZARA straight jeans which I cold-heartedly transformed into what I like to call the "glam modern hippie" jeans. Let me tell you their story. 

I've noticed the old classic ripped jeans have been given more attention than ever lately. Especially fashion week attendees have really started embracing the trend this season: ankle-cut, slightly loose or flared, but definitely hemline-free. The more distressed and asymmetric, the better. 

So all of a sudden I remembered I had this pair of jeans in my wardrobe, which only featured a ripped knee hole. Then I figured, why not get crafty and do my own version of ripped jeans by leaving the bottom cuts unfinished?  So I practically started cutting them and left the ends hanging there to wildly cuddle the heels of my ASOS leather boots. And oh what a rebel, rebel feeling I had wearing these on the street! To make matters even more rebellious I added some sparkles by using my necklace as a waist chain. And as if it couldn't get more obvious than this that I was craving attention, I made my jeans scream "look at me" even more loudly by pairing them with my asymmetric black top which revealed exactly the sparkly details I was aiming for. 

That's it. Short story long, as I usually like it. 

Now tell me, am I crazy to think this actually looks cool? Would you wear your jeans like this? 

P.S. Thanks Sam for capturing my outfit through your utterly cool lens! You need to check out this guy's website and Instagram profile. Great talent!


Photos by Sam Brill

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