3 Stylish Ways to Recycle Your Wardrobe | H&M World Recycle Week

11 April, 2016



That's my personal secret to wardrobe recycling. As much as I love fashion, my purchase behaviour is mostly influenced by practicality, rather than trends. My current lifestyle doesn't allow me to invest too much in clothing. I don't shop as much as a blogger should do "by the book" . I still live a nomadic life at the moment, constantly travelling, without an actual fixed "home". Also, neither does the word shopaholic belong to my DNA, nor do I believe that is a healthy and sustainable attitude towards fashion.

H&M have recently announced their upcoming World Recycling Week from the 18th until the 24th of April, which is a commendable initiative for a company that could be considered "fast-fashion". Sustainability and the "Cradle-to-cradle" concept have finally gained momentum in the fashion industry, which can only make me happier. (Remember the sustainability campaign I did for ACNE Studios, back in my 2nd year of university?) So in sync with H&M's campaign, I found it relevant to share with you my personal sartorial tips to recycling your clothes, while still looking stylish. Here are my 3 steps:

1. GO FOR CLASSICS TO MIX & MATCH - Both in terms of colours and shapes. I am a huge advocate of black, white, nudes and grey when it comes to dressing. This makes all the items in my wardrobe actually work together, which allows me to combine them in multiple ways. Regarding shape, cuts and fabrics, I go for high-waisted bottoms (be it trousers or skirts), leather, denim, tailored blazers. These elements can be combined in various ways and are also durable.

2. LAYER & ACCESSORIZE - Layering can be done during any season, depending on the fabrics you go for. The layering I put together for this post, would work under both warm and cold temperatures and I wouldn't be afraid of looking weird. I love the sophisticated appeal of a see-through, organza jacket underneath a tailored blazer. Another trick of mine is to combine accessories between them. See the bedazzled details on my bag? That's actually a necklace that I attached in order to give the purse a new look.

3. DONATE AND BUY SECOND-HAND CLOTHES - No matter your income, I think charity shops, flea markets, vintage stores or thrift shops have such a powerful cultural message and can help everyone become more creative, generous and confident at the same time. Some people are really afraid of stepping into these kind of places, thinking they might compromise their reputation. I think second-hand shopping shouldn't be perceived as shameful but rather valuable for your self-worth and for the world around you. I've personally participated in various flea markets, selling the clothes I got bored of to people that were actually excited about them. You have no idea how much happiness you can bring to the others by selling your clothes at a cheaper price. So many people in this world don't even have what to wear, while we keep our unworn clothes waiting in our wardrobe, just because we got bored of wearing them. Also, you have no idea how many gems hide in second-hand stores! Since I moved to the UK, I've found so many cool things in charity shops, including the organza bomber jacket I am wearing in this post.

So here you have my top 3 tips to fashion recycling stardom. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to be more sustainable in our consumer behaviour. Recycling your wardrobe, either by literally shopping & donating to SH shops, or simply by getting creative with the items you already have in your wardrobe and recreating different looks with the same pieces, is a super stylish and admirable approach towards fashion consumption.

It's all about looking at things from a different perspective and investing in key items that go well with anything.

P.S. I can't even remember how many times I have worn the exact same items from this post, but in different combinations. The crop top alone, has survived multiple wears starting with my cousins in the 90s and still managed to turn into a sexy, versatile piece today, in 2016. Also, I have bought the statement reptile-print purse at a flea market in Denmark 3 years ago and I can still wear it loudly & proudly.

 Once again, thank you, Liana Mitrea (Instagram @liana_mitrea_photography), for these lovely photos! 

I was wearing:

H&M Organza jacket
ZARA blazer
DOROTHY PERKINS necklace (used to embellish the bag)
Vintage top



  1. Awwww I love all of these selections! thank you so much for this post, i want all of wholesale new arrival dresses for myself!

  2. Yes, it is true that after every season we need to recycle our wardrobe. But recycling wardrobe in this way sounds great. So summer is ending and for the next season I'll definitely use your tips and the last but not the least you are looking stunning. I also have some collection of designer clutch bags of woman.Have a look!


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