Introducing Constance Magazine

28 April, 2016


I've been working for quite a while on this project, which I had to keep a secret until now. Tomorrow I have my final BA (Hons) research project deadline and this magazine is the product of my academic report. I can't believe I managed to put together 50 pages of creative editorial content on my own, from photography to text to graphic design. This shows that being passionate about something takes you a long way. Nothing would have been possible though without the 6 amazing women showcased in the magazine ( + my teacher). Huge thanks to Seáron, Julie, Michelle, Alexandra, Shaunagh, Charlotte (+Lola) and my coordinator, Karen! I hope their stories will also inspire you to think more about how you feel than how you look or what others might think about you when wearing a certain outfit. 

Constance magazine aims to inspire women to achieve happiness and well-being through the way they dress. The project is not perfect, but I accept that and I still love it. 

Take a look HERE .

Thank you for reading! Share this if you believe in the idea.


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