The key to happiness is self-awareness

06 May, 2016

Something amazing has happened in my life during the past month. Before the outcome hit me so fast, the entire process happened so slowly, that I got immersed in it, enjoying every second of the journey and not worrying about the final outcome at all. I can’t tell you more about it for now, but what I learned from this experience is that being PRESENT and MINDFUL are the keys to happiness. How many times have you got excited about something about to happen in your life, then so anxious  for that to happen faster that you completely forgot to actually enjoy the present and celebrate your accomplishment?

Well I've  found myself in this exact position in my life lately, but this past month has really taught me the lesson of patience and gratitude. I became more aware of my accomplishments and happier with my current life, while obviously looking forward to my upcoming exciting future.
I’ve also started to educate myself more on self-development, as cheesy as some of you might consider this. There are a bunch of people I follow on You Tube that always boost my confidence. There’s Casey Neistat who always nurtures my creativity and inspires me to be more spontaneous and fun; there’s Gary Vaynerchuk, who talks a lot about entrepreneurship and business, another passion of mine which I like to fuel and lastly, there’s Brendon Burchard, who calms me through his inspiring videos, always meant to turn you into a better, more present and grateful person. All of these three individuals have spoken about self-awareness in their videos, and they all inspired me to pay more attention to myself, to my strengths, but also to my weaknesses, acknowledge them and work towards improving them. 

I’ve also started reading various books on leadership and people skills which reminded me of the same topics I’ve heard in those You Tube videos. I’ve taken a personality test, which pointed out some weaknesses that I have previously ignored. Those were my inability to say no, which turned into a lack of focus, my tendency to avoid conflict or my slightly judgmental attitude and lack of patience. These are extremely important traits that triggered an alarm signal in my head. Hey, I actually am quite a flawed person and that’s ok. That’s ok because I am AWARE of it, and I WANT to become a better person.

So lately, I’ve tried to become a better person by firstly acknowledging my mistakes and then by taking proactive steps towards changing that. What helped me most was working harder than ever, without complaining as much as I used to. Working harder while still trying to be good to people and not isolating myself as I used to. I became more present because I prioritized the most important thing in life, which is family. In the middle of my busiest life period I still found the energy to spend 10 days in Romania with my parents and surround myself with love. I continued to work hard and incredible things continued to happen in my life. I am still pinching myself but I am not scared to say that I DESERVED these amazing things to happen in my life, because I worked hard and spread love around me. Being selfish and ambitious, while still remaining generous with your feelings and time, brings you so much joy in life. Just try it! You need to prioritize your time though, because that’s the most precious resource anyone has.

The latest thing I’ve started working on is my fear of conflict, or detachment from negative situations that directly relate to me. I’m on a sustainable journey towards becoming a certified adult, now that I am also about to graduate, so I have to take full responsibility for my actions. So recently I had to quit my current part time job, which was a painful and liberating experience at the same time. Painful because I knew I would hurt some people, be it from a business or personal perspective, but liberating because I felt so courageous and responsible at that very moment. I felt so strong and empowered. It was the right decision because I deserve a break before my upcoming fresh start (that I will tell you more about in the future) and this is a time in my life that I need to focus on finishing my studies.

It’s funny how in the middle of my final deadlines, where I am supposed to write thousands of words, I still find the energy and passion to write on my blog. But I really felt responsible to share with you this message about self-awareness, because it’s such an important topic and everyone should pay attention to it. So spread the word around. Feel free to also share with me your opinion on this issue.

What is your action plan towards self-awareness and ultimately towards a happier life?

P.S. Stay tuned to my Instagram account this weekend as I am revealing a pretty exciting contest! (only for my Romanians though) 

Thanks for reading this extensive essay.



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