Doors of Aberdeen

02 June, 2016

I finally get the chance to post the last photos taken in Aberdeen by my friend Liana Mitrea. Almost two weeks have passed since I moved to Amsterdam and what a transition has that been! I've been fully immersed into a brand new life, riding my bike like nobody's business, but also into an amazing new job at Wieden + Kennedy, one of the world's advertising & creative leaders!

I don't want to talk about fashion today, as you might have noticed I kind of detached myself from the trend-focused approach I used to take on the blog. I want to talk about life, happiness and work instead. 

The idea behind this post has been to portray Aberdeen's most colourful doors, which give such a vibrant vibe to what is considered "the granite city". Spring is the season that gives the city a brand new attire and fills it with joy and energy.  That is exactly how I feel right now, thanks to all the colourful doors that opened in my life lately, which brought me such a fresh load of energy and determination to keep fighting for my dreams. 

One of my favourite quotes is by the famous Dutch artist M.C. Escher and goes like- "Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. I think it’s in my basement, let me go upstairs and check". I've had it written in my Linkedin profile bio for years but I've never imagined I could end up back in the Netherlands, working for the coolest company out there right after my final university deadlines. I guess Escher knew what he was talking about...

As much as I've wanted to open each of the doors featured in these photos and check out the interior of the buildings, I am happy enough to keep opening the doors in my life. I know there is so much more to discover!

So keep knocking at every door that appears in your way. If the colour is right for you, it will surely open!

P.S. I will probably not miss the crazy Aberdeen weather, but I will surely miss all the kind and helpful people I've met during my time there. So thank you, Aberdeen, for your great people...and for your pretty doors as well! 


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