Zoku Amsterdam - The Ideal Studio/Hotel for Long Stay

24 June, 2016


Thanks for the cozy welcome, Amsterdam!

I haven't written a lifestyle post in a while, but my stay at ZOKU; Japanese 'tribe'] deserved a proper article. During my first month back in Amsterdam, I was fortunate enough to become a guest in this lovely hotel, which became probably the coziest accommodation I've ever had.

So I partnered with my friend and talented photographer Charlotte, to give you a taste of what this place looks like, because it truly deserved it. As you scroll down, you'll also discover the interior pics I have taken in ZOKU's social areas on its top floor. The unique concept of this place is that it offers you both the intimacy of a private studio (with an amazing bed), but also the chance to meet other people and create your own..zoku. 

Although I was ready to move to my own flat, it's been a bitter-sweet feeling leaving ZOKU behind. I will miss climbing those stairs to reach my comfy sleeping sanctuary..

You'll surely hear more from this place, so make sure you follow them! 

Photos of me by Charlotte van den Berg
Interior photos by me.



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