The power of colour

10 September, 2016

It's been a while since I last spoke about a sartorial topic on the blog. So today I want to talk about colours and how moving to Amsterdam this summer cured me of my obsession with wearing black. 

While living in Denmark and Scotland my wardrobe was 80%black (apart from a few pairs of jeans and 2-3 white shirts). I was constantly hiding myself behind several black layers and it had nothing to do with my body image. Looking back now I reckon the reason was my lack of confidence...but also the weather undoubtedly. A cold climate with constant  rain and gloomy sky gives you no other option than wearing dark colours.

 Don't get me wrong, I still love black and once autumn kicks in, I will surely get back to my past obsession, but I will also remember to add a pop of colour now and then (which in my language means white, grey, beige, poweder pink or baby blue). That's it. 

Giving up black for a while has really impacted my mood actually and my overall confidence. This white dress in particular is one of my boldest sartorial statements lately, given its details and its short cut. Same goes for the sunnies and the shoes. As soon as I stepped out in this golden/white ensemble something switched in my brain and the world appeared to be more fun and vivid. 

I highly advise you to invest in a Little White Dress. And I will now challenge myself to make this dress work again in autumn/winter by layering it with different item (stay tuned for a sequel).

What are your favourite colours and how do they impact your mood?


Photos by Iauw Hwee

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