Autumn in Amsterdam

09 October, 2016

Fall is a magical sight to see in Amsterdam (as long as it's not raining...).Given that it's the first time I experience autumn in the city, you can imagine how excited I was at the prospect of layering some autumnal black & denim items by the pretty canal houses (obviously while pretending I own them).

While in my previous post I was encouraging you to wear white and ditch black for once, here I am now, hypocritically endorsing BLACK again. It is what it is. My cold season wardrobe is predominantly black and I can't do much about it. Any time I step inside a store, determined to get my hands on some colours, I convince myself I actually need a new pair of patent boots (case in point), a new woolen coat (case in point) or a new chunky belt (case in point)...Do mind the fact that I actually wear a pair of bright glasses and I went for light blue jeans. 

Apart from the good old 'back to black'/'the new black' fashion magazine statements, fall always brings some newness to the surrounding landscape and to our mood and feelings. Once the coziness kicks into our lifestyle, we become more self-aware of our wellbeing and we strive to spend more meaningful and caring moments with our loved ones. Although my family is far away, I am happy to say I am slowly building a second family in Amsterdam, which starts to feel more and more like what it actually is: my new home. 

Welcome back fall and thanks for making me fall in love even more with this city.


(Photos by Serena ❤️)

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