My final blog post

28 December, 2016

The end, but not quite...

Writing this post has been quite a struggle, but in the end I reached a compromise with my usual black/white judgement and kept it grey. Let me explain.

Ever since I moved back to Amsterdam I started having second thoughts about this 'blogging' thing. The more I learned while doing my full-time job, the more creative, responsible, mature and hungry for creativity & knowledge I became. Hence sticking to the same, already obsolete, 'blogging' activity became more and more pointless. Why would I continue posting photos of me wearing certain outfits, which take me ages to organise into a proper blog post anyway? Blogging is slowly dying today. And  the more agile former bloggers have started creating something more meaningful for their audience by transforming their 'personal brands' into commercial brands. 

I also want to do more than just outfit photos with my platform (No, I'm not about to launch a brand any time soon), but I am yet to discover what that will be.

SARACONSTANCE.COM will continue living here until it will find a more meaningful purpose. But for now, my sporadic, yet continuous outfit updates will end. They will still be living on Instagram though. Because social media is made for more in-the-moment & fast content. 

I know 2017 will bring something bigger for my website and I need to end one chapter in order to make room for the next one. In the meantime, I will continue learning, creating and improving every day. I am positive that making good sh** while aiming for a bigger purpose will bring more newness in my life and I am ready for it. 

I don't want to sound hypocritical when I say 'meaningless', but that's just how I feel about my blog now. However, I want to acknowledge the fact that this blog has brought me so much ever since I started it almost five years ago and I am super thankful for it. I don't think I would have gone through all of the adventures I've gone through without it.  It also brought me so many career accomplishments, culminating with my current job at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. This blog helped me reflect upon myself, upon my strengths and weaknesses, it helped me grow, become more curious and challenge my abilities, but for the moment, it has stopped being as strong as my dreams are.

I am sure there will be a next post. And it will announce something bigger. I'm just not sure when. 

Until then...

Happy New, Loving, Caring & Beautiful Year !




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